English speaking families in Pilsen

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Nováček 2 příspěvky 05.09.19 07:39
English speaking families in Pilsen

Hi all English speaking families in Pilsen and surrounding! We are Czech family too, with 4 years old Baru, and just repatriated back from England. I would love to set up a little community of mums and dads with little chicks, who are interested in socializing and developing English language. We can organize one day trips together, some story tellings etc… in English! I find it easier and more funny way to maintain or learn language, rather then attending expensive English lessons… please, if interested don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know your thoughts and suggestions! Have a great day everyone! Hanka

Povídálka 16 příspěvků 05.09.19 08:12

You can try local Pilsen groups on Facebook and ask there. Someone might be interested. Also there are Facebook groups for expats such as CrowdSauce CZ and Expats in Pilsen if you look for english speaking friends :-)

Nováček 2 příspěvky 05.09.19 13:40

@NovyAnonym Thanks for great suggestions! Will try Expats for sure! I have set up group on Facebook too, So will see;)

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